Solve Problems At Work 1.5

Source:Barbara Brown, PhD

Workplace problems can involve customer service, productivity, quality, and more.

This App contains information that individuals, teams, groups, managers, or leaders can use to solve these types of workplace problems by applying some basic problem solving and decision making Techniques.

Contents Include:

A. 5-Step Problem Solving Process:

1. Identify The Problem
2. Identify The Cause
3. Identify Possible Solutions
4. Select Best Solutions
5. Implement Solutions

B. Detailed Description of how Each Step fits into the problem-solving process.

C. Specific Techniques to use at Each Step in the problem-solving process. The following 13 Techniques are included in the 5 Steps:

1. Current Situation Questions
2. Desired Situation Questions
3. The Kipling Approach
4. Who Else Questions
5. So What Questions
6. Ask WHY Process
7. The Pareto Principle
8. Brainstorming Process
9. SCAMPER Approach
10.Success Factors Criteria
11.Difficulty Factors Criteria
12.Action Plan Framework
13.Contingency Plan Framework

D. Workplace Examples that uses one Technique at Each Step to solve a typical problem.

E. Comprehensive Checklists that contain actions to consider at Each Step in the problem solving process.

F. 7 Other Techniques listed below. These can be used to solve more complicated problems. For these Techniques, there is a DESCRIPTION and a LINK to a Website that offers detailed explanations and examples.

1. Force Field Analysis
2. Cause And Effect Diagram
3. Affinity Diagram
4. Appreciative Inquiry
5. Grid Analysis
6. Mind Mapping
7. Six Thinking Hats

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